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NATCAFF is all natural and pure Caffeine extracted from Coffee beans. The product is produced in a cGMP plant and complies to all pharmaceutical specifications including USP, BP, EP, JP and FCC.

Key Features of NATCAFF

  • NATCAFF Sourced from carefully selected Coffee beans
  • 100% natural caffeine / Pharmaceutical quality
  • Virtually solvent free - (thus a very clean product)
  • NATCAFF is an odourless, white coloured powder
  • NATCAFF easily solublises in water
  • No crash / other noticeable side effects of caffeine due to low (very) impurities and organic/natural origin
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So What Caffeine Can Do

Caffeine has many known and well-documented health benefits, It is used to treat wide range of physiological conditions.

CNS Stimulant

Diuretic agent

Cold remedies

Cardio tonic

Muscle relaxant

Anti-mutagenic agent

Memory consolidation

Helps to treat the toxicity

primarilY caused by consumption of alcohol, nicotine and morphine

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Frequently Asked Questions

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NATCAFF is a premium quality pharmaceutical grade caffeine derived from coffee beans by a proprietary technology from Vita Actives.
NATCAFF is not less than 99.5% pure caffeine anhydrous.
Yes, NATCAFF complies to all requirements for use in Food, dietary supplements and cosmetic product applications.
NATCAFF is readily available from our EU and USA warehouses. We can also dispatch it promptly for other parts of the world.
Absolutely, you can replace synthetic caffeine with NATCAFF and deliver the beauty of nature to your clients through your products.
Vita Actives has a state of the art innovation centre where our scientist can help you in the development of new products and applications using NATCAFF.